NOVA COFFEE originates from the volcanic mountains in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The growing conditions are optimal with high altitude (1800-2000 m), great soil, favorable sun, and rainfall. NOVA COFFEE is the pride of Rwandan women. Perpetuating the rich outstanding farming culture which conserves land, they carefully work and help great coffee make the world a little better. With their hands, efficiently, and accurately, they checked and double-checked the beans and high-quality of this 100% fresh and pure Arabica coffee. Rich and smooth, it smells delightful as it fills your place with the aroma of an authentic dreamland blend. Surely, every sip of NOVA COFFEE is an exceptional experience of life and a sense of satisfaction.


A cup of coffee in a cohesive world

As long as we will be inspired by coffee and love, at NOVA Coffee, we believe that we can make every life brighter, abundant and more amazing.


Action for happiness

Passionately, every step in reaching our dream is anchored and conceptualized in day by day farming and delivering great coffee. The complete and perfect one that only Nova Coffee can produce.

We have improved both quantity and quality in past four years.

NOVA COFFEE team is made up by commited individuals. working together to implement the common goal of the company.

Actually NOVA COFFEE has a good working climate because we use what we get to perform better.