Grown in Gicumbi District, Nova Coffee originates from the volcanic mountains in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The growing conditions are optimal with 1800-2000 m Masl, great soil, favourable sun and rain fall. Beside altitude, NOVA COFFEE is also the elevation of the Rwandan spirit, the pride and attitude of the Rwandan women.

Perpetuating the rich outstanding farming culture which conserves land, carefully, accurately, passionately, with their hands, they checked and double-checked the high quality beans, 100% fresh and pure Red Bourbon Arabica coffee. Our determination and processing conditions, high-technology included- have been determinant to make Nova Coffee a suitable cup to the very demanding coffee lovers.

For exportation, we always offer our esteemed Clientele the Full Washed Coffee and Natural Coffee GRADE A1, SCREEN 15+. The Cupping Scores vary between 83-88%. Our Full Washed processed coffee is associated with clarity and cleanness. It is respected for its great taste. As for naturals, you can expect a bigger and rounder body. Nova Coffee harvest has a complex and heavy flavour profile. It is characterized by dark fruit, dark chocolate and complex fruit acidity.

Enjoy your Coffee.

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