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NOVA COFFEE sources, buys, processes, and sells two types of Rwandan remarkable green coffee prepared in either washed or sundried (natural) methods.

Nova Coffee will always bring people together.

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Nova Coffee focus on growing, processing and  promoting  a sustainable coffee Arabica as a result that has equipped us with unparalleled  experience in coffee industry since 2013. Nova Coffee is not a Starbucks neither a Five Elephant. Small but smart, we’re the first to enrich the human experience that  great coffee doesn’t go  for rich or famous guy as if it was in vagabond mademoiselle.

The fact is, even if you are simple human as we are, or just a ordinary average, you already have the ability to meet us any time you want. No one has ever taught how to release this powerful ability and agility until now. With our  growing and delivery pro-grams,  just imagine being able to get that irresistible small coffee bag of 5 kg  within one week  with 100% certainty in any situation.

If you enjoy  going to table with a bad coffee, do nothing and have a nice life if it is possible. If you choose Nova coffee, the option 1, email us immediately. First-come, first-served basis we apply. Don’t worry, any time, we have something for you of our fresh current harvest.

Finding the perfect coffee is perfectly simple.

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Grown in Gicumbi District, Nova Coffee originates from the volcanic mountains in the Northern Province of Rwanda. The growing conditions are optimal with 1800-2000 m Masl, great soil, favourable sun and rain fall. Beside altitude, NOVA COFFEE is also the elevation of the Rwandan spirit, the pride and attitude of the Rwandan women.

Why We Do IT

  • We aim to be a trusted coffee business partner from Rwanda, the most respected company for its high quality coffee, its ideas, innovations, attitudes and initiatives.
  • Subsequently, we undertake to be a global and dedicated coffee company which makes coffee more pleasurable, more accessible than before.Within the intelligent solutions that welcome changes and anticipate tomorrow’s needs.
  • To earn the trust of our customers, employees, partners and our community, we will continue to inspire and connect people in a truly human dimension, honest dealing striving for collaboration, respect, dignity and mutual advantage for everyone who interacts with us.
  • So,we will always play a role in raising the appreciation of the priceless contribution of women in all coffee-focused process. We will help them to grow and love coffee in the way they can live happily, healthly and save money.
  • To avoid that one day the Earth says to the next generation “Their feet and thumbs were killed me!’’, we mobilize our talents and resources to plan and implement effective strategies and actions with focus on profitable business and sustainable environment.
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