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Who We Are

Nova Coffee is a family coffee-focused business established in 2015. Its owners and promoters, Agnes MUKAMUSHINJA, as Managing Director and Felix Hitayezu, her husband have more than 25 years of experience in business. Apart from that, the company is being run and staffed with qualified and experienced employees.

NOVA COFFEE continues to develop in a multiplicity of ways, providing an enriching experience for our coffee lovers. All staff work hard to provide a rich and quality coffee, to develop skills and enthusiasm of the staff to pursue confidently their passion.

The farms lay between the volcanic mountains of Northern Rwanda near the beautiful Muhazi Lake. Nova coffee is engaged with 2800 local farmers and goes the extra mile in CSR. We are pride of implementing ethically and socially responsible practices across organisational synergy, such as a strong commitment toward gender equality, education, health and education. Every year, women benefit from Nova Coffee grant to live our CSR. Nova Coffee produces around 8 containers of fully washed coffee per year. We are in process of becoming Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Why did we choose coffee-focused business?

We plan NOVA COFFEE in the unique and personal perspectives, in the way that meet our satisfaction and our meaningful choice and style of living well integrated in the community. We rely on our strong experience in life, our own family story. A daughter of an agronomist farther who monitored coffee plantation.

So, coffee expands and makes possible our vision of honest entrepreneur and satisfies relationship business we are wishing for our sisters, brothers and neighbours who live and work beside us. It is a heritage in which we profoundly root and make germinate a vision and a passion.

Coffee as a unifying and peaceful force, as a women and agro-entrepreneur, coffee farming and exporting business stay a noteworthy opportunity to be a treasured woman among other humans. Being able to start these businesses and working with women fellows of my native region is about staying connected with such an exciting LIFE- great life in an enthusiastic world. I’m sure that I’m contributing to something with some career longevity, friendship and prosperity.

Checking the traceability of origin is our ritual in every processing approach. Everything, every detail is very important to be certain of the origin.

Extension field workers

Nova Coffee works with 7 extension field workers: 2 are from Nova Coffee (Agronomist and Quality Control Specialist). The 3rd is from ICU KAHAWATU, an international organization that monitors the dynamics of coffee farmers and help accessing to knowledge and good practices for a sustainable coffee growing.

The 4th, is a Public Extension Servant (Agronomist at the sector level). He coordinates all activities and help also applying lessons and guidance lines from National Agricultural Exportation Development Board. Dukorere Kawa Association (Translated into Kinyarwanda language: Let’s Work for Coffee) and 2 model farmers are very important to access knowledge and expertise for our farmers as their can learn from the spot.

Women inspire and encourages others women through Berwa Association (exactly translated “Elegance’ from Kinyarwanda language).

Other labor and services

With 8 support staff, accompanying personnel, and more than 100-120 temporally personnel in collaboration with 7 field workers. Our service portfolio includes farming and training of farmer associations, supply of inputs, processing, warehousing, transportation, delivery and marketing service. Facilitating the selling of coffee, a role we have played for over 6 years as far as green coffee is concerned, we just provide a post-harvest and marketing service, which would otherwise be difficult and expensive to be accessed by the farmers.