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Our Story

Nova Coffee grows specialty red Arabica Bourbon in the warm tropical sunlight and rich volcanic soils of northern Rwanda. Surrounded by native tropical rainforest, our 155-hectare coffee plantation of 380,000 trees, sits at an altitude of 1800-2000m high, spread across the mountainside and close to the beautiful Muhazi Lake.

It is the perfect, idyllic environment to grow a truly unique coffee, with the cherries ripening to a vibrant deep red from mid-March to mid-June. We then process both our own coffee and that of the 2,880 small-holder coffee farmers in our community – producing both fully washed and naturals.

Our Vision

To foster a prosperous local coffee community and connect with coffee lovers across cultures. We think coffee can play an important role in bringing abundance and wellbeing to our community and to Rwanda.

Our Mission

Passionately, every step in reaching our dream is anchored and conceptualized in day by day farming and delivering great coffee. The complete and perfect one that only Nova Coffee can produce.

Café des Mamans

Gender equity is one of our core values and we especially support our women farmers through our women-grown Arabica, marketed as “Cafe des Mamans”. It is part of our drive to ensure that women and youth are fully supported and recognised for their vital roles in the coffee supply chain. Women are also key in building strong and resilient family and social structures in Rwanda.

Our Production


Bourbon Coffee

has a distinct clarity and cleanness of flavor and aroma. It is respected for its great taste.


Bourbon natural

you can expect a bigger, rounder body with complex, rich flavors of dark fruit and dark chocolate with a complex fruity acidity.


Cupping Scores

Our coffee comes in 3 grades, which means our customers can choose the price points and quality they need.

An ethos of social responsibility

Nova Coffee started as a family business in 2015. The Founder and  Managing Director of Nova Coffee, “Agnes Mukamushinja” and her husband “Felix Hitayezu”, have worked in the coffee sector for more than 25 years. They have founded a coffee enterprise that leads the way in socially responsible practices.

Since 2015, we’ve engaged over 2,800 local farmers and implemented ethically and socially responsible practices across our organisation. We are commitment to gender equality, education and health for our community.

Company Objective