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Café des Mamans

coffee from the hands of Rwandan women by Nova Coffee

Welcome to Cafe de Mamans, the home of coffee crafted by Rwandan women, brought to you by Nova Coffee. Our mission is to create a thriving coffee community that connects coffee lovers worldwide with the rich Arabica Bourbon coffee grown in the northern mountains of Rwanda.

We believe that coffee has the power to shape Rwanda’s future by uplifting the lives of our farmers, their families, and the entire country. At Cafe de Mamans, we are proud to support women and youth farmers who are at the heart of the coffee industry. Our commitment to empowering them through training and support is a key part of our goal to create a sustainable and equitable coffee industry.

Our core values include gender equity, and we actively support our women farmers through our women-grown Arabica, marketed as “Cafe des Mamans.” We recognize the vital role that women play in the coffee supply chain and aim to provide them with the recognition and support they deserve. Women are also key in building strong and resilient family and social structures in Rwanda.

Through our coffee, we impact the lives of over 2,800 farming families in our community. That’s why we have initiated the Nova IKAWA SAWA (Sustainable Arabica and Women in Agriculture) project, which promotes sustainable farming practices that respect the environment and help grow women farmers’ income.

When you choose Cafe de Mamans coffee, you are not only enjoying a rich and flavorful cup of coffee, but you are also supporting the Rwandan coffee community and empowering women in agriculture. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for Rwanda, one cup of coffee at a time.